Is it a car or is it art? Rolls Royce unveil latest bespoke model

signature-geneva-motor-show-serenityVisitors to the Geneva Art Fair – er, Motor Show, were treated to something quite spectacular on the Rolls Royce stand this year.

Building on the marque’s long history of creating lavish interiors for the world’s rulers, this bespoke Rolls Royce Phantom Serenity features a custom paint job and interior that set a new standard in luxury craftsmanship.

Inspired by the far East, the exterior of this one off car gleams like a jewel. The bespoke Mother of Peal paint is the most expensive bespoke paint ever developed by Rolls Royce, and was added in a three stage pearl effect before being hand-polished for an incredible 12 hours.

The car’s two colour coach line was applied with a squirrel-hair brush and features a three colour blossom motif, which echoes the marvels to be found inside.

The interior is truly stunning, and is based on a bolt of exquisite hand woven Chinese silk. It has been embroidered and painted with the blossom motif designed to echo Imperial robes from the far East, as one of the designers explains:

signature-geneva-motor-show-serenity-interior“The rear compartment of a Phantom is the most tranquil, beautiful place to be, a place where time and the outside world simply slip past. This tranquillity made us think of the Oriental tradition where Emperors would take to their private gardens to reflect in solitude under the blossom trees.

The blossom motif is one that is cherished in Far Eastern culture and has been beautifully applied to Royal robe design over the centuries. We felt it was the perfect representation of tranquillity and serenity for a beautiful modern interior from Rolls-Royce.”

Each petal was hand painted, meaning that the central panel alone took 600 hours of work. The silk panel is accompanied by arctic white leather, bamboo cross-banding, a mother of pearl instrument panel and smoked cherry wood, to create a feeling of tranquil opulence.

This beautiful Phantom Serenity will only be experienced by the lucky few, while the rest of us wait to see what new wonders the Rolls Royce Bespoke team will bring.

Seeing this model at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Signature’s Founder & CEO said “Rolls Royce always make truly stunning and opulent cars, but seeing this bespoke Phantom when I was at Geneva really took my breath away. Inspired by the orient, this model had beautiful attention to detail in true Rolls Royce style.”