Is the Long Wheelbase Range Rover the Ultimate Chauffeur Car?

We’ve been saying it for a while, and now Chauffuer.com has confirmed it: the Long Wheelbase Range Rover is the perfect car for chauffeur-driven rides. A recent post on their website outlines why the car is so perfect for clients wanting a luxurious, discrete ride in a vehicle that can get them through the winter weather, and we’ve highlighted a few choice quotes from the article to illustrate the point.

Huge, long rear doors makes the chauffeur feel he’s opening the door of the beast for Obama, and when you look inside, the immense space, leather quality and deep carpets show the real beauty of this vehicle.”

“No need to push the passenger seat forward for extra room, the central armrest providing all the storage and massive 10inch screens giving the client all the info needed. A button on the passenger seat is available for Mr Chauffeur to use if needed.”

“When there are floods and snow, you least know you can complete the journey. With wading capabilities of up to 900mm (not recommended on general chauffeuring duties), and incredible off-road capabilities, the Range Rover will tackle anything in its way.”

“Choosing the Range Rover above the other famous high-end marquees makes sense when a client wants to be discreet. When a 4×4 can be seen on every street corner of the capital, squeezing passed the paps in one of these would certainly be easier, making your life a bit more stress free.”

As you can see, there are many good reasons to make the Long Wheelbase Range Rover your chauffeur-driven car of choice. If you need any further convincing then please give us a call today!