justDrive Demonstrates Jaguar Land Rover’s eye for Technology

jlrWe thought the InControl, the system whereby Jaguar and Land Rover drivers can connect selected smartphone apps to their car’s infotainment system, was already pretty impressive. Jaguar Land Rover, however, haven’t been tempted to rest on their laurels, and instead have just announced an exciting new evolution of the InControl connectivity platform.

This new development is called justDrive, an innovative bit of software that integrates multiple smartphone apps into a single, voice-activated in-car experience.


Available on both Android and Apple, justDrive funnels popular apps and services, including Spotify, Twitter and Yelp, into the car’s InControl system. This allows drivers to keep up to date, browse for locations and stay social while on the move, without compromising their ability to control the car. This is because the app uses world-leading voice recognition technology, allowing users to choose between apps and services without taking their hands from the wheel. Imagine being able to dictate a text message, or select your favourite song, without pressing a single button – handy, right?

As Dr Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology, Jaguar Land Rover, commented: “Our InControl system already allows the driver to plug their smartphone into the vehicle and then safely control their apps through the vehicle’s touchscreen. The apps are enhanced for in-car use, so it is exactly like having your smartphone installed in your dashboard.”

“Today, we are advancing our InControl system a stage further and to the forefront of the industry with the launch of justDrive. This moves the driver from the task-oriented, app-specific touch-based use of individual apps, to full control of all chosen app content through plain natural speech or touch interface.”

justDrive has been created by Silicon Valley boffins from CloudCar, and will be free to download from early 2015.