Keep your business on track with a 4×4

range--rover-vogueDo you remember those brilliant days when school was cancelled because of snow? There was something very special about those unexpectedly free weekdays, when the ground was a crisp, shining white and you could play outside rather than sit through another maths class.

When you’re all grown up, however, it’s a lot harder to take a snow day – if you’ve scheduled an important meeting that affects the future of your business, can you really justify postponing it? We think that, wherever possible, it’s best to get to work whatever the weather and prove your professionalism. Don’t despair if the conditions outside look too much for your company car, furthermore, as you can hire one of our excellent 4x4s?

signature-car-hire-porsche-cayenneOur extensive range of 4x4s, featuring the Porsche Cayenne, all sorts of Range Rovers, the Discovery and more, is guaranteed to keep you and your staff mobile and safe this winter. For true convenience, not to mention the luxury befitting a company CEO and executives, our chauffeur service is the perfect solution. No matter where you are, what the conditions are like or how far you need to travel, our expert chauffeurs will pick you up in the 4×4 of your choice, and deliver you to your destination on time.

Because our fleet is so large – we love our cars and absolutely have to have the latest, best spec’d models as soon as they come out! – we can also cater for last minute requests. If you look out of your window in the morning and see snow falling, just give us a call and your personal account manager will endeavour to get you safely on the road as soon as possible.


Our 4x4s aren’t just practical, although their enhanced suspension, wading depth, sturdiness and advanced sensing technology do mean that they can conquer any road no matter what the conditions. They are also extremely luxurious, with sumptuous leather seats, acres of legroom and the latest entertainment technology – including connectivity for all your devices.

Add a professional chauffeur to this mix and you have one of the most relaxing drives you’ll ever experience. This makes what could be a necessity a real treat, and you might start looking forward to winter weather so you have an excuse to hire one! This isn’t just the case for your executives, however, a chauffeur-driven 4×4 journey is a guaranteed way to impress your clients – why not book one to take you all to your next winter work engagement or function?