Lamborghini are Going to Produce a ‘Supercar’ SUV

urusIt seems like a lot of marques are jumping on the premium SUV bandwagon these days. Fortunately, we love SUVs, so we’re very happy to keep reporting on them!

The latest SUV news is that Lamborghini’s SUV, which is due to arrive in 2018 and is broadly based on the concept shown in 2012, is due to be a ‘supercar’ SUV. Named the Urus, this latest Lamborghini is apparently set to be unlike any other SUV on the road, as boss Stephan Winkelmann explains: “It will be the supercar among the SUV. With the Urus, it’s a car that can go fast, but it’s not designed with a focus on the top speed or acceleration. It’s a car designed to be comfortable and be a daily driver with a cruising attitude.” So essentially it’ll have supercar performance, but will also be a realistic and enjoyable everyday ride.

urus-interiorIf that’s not exciting enough for you, then you might want to know that Lamborghini are also considering other versions of the Urus, such as a luxury version and a Superveloce model. As Winkelmann states: “We have more than enough ideas, but it is too early to confirm anything. All options are possible and we will work on evaluating them in the run-up to launch. If our customers want to see something, we’ll do our best to meet their needs”.

Given that last sentence, we think a we might be sending our wish lists to Lamborghini, rather than Father Christmas, this year.