Lamborghini Aventador Meets Its Match In Indian Elephant?

The Indian Racetek recently publicised their iteration of the Aventador with another kind of Raging Bull, which was tamed into a gentle giant in the presence of the Italian beast.          

The mighty Lamborghini Aventador recently met a mighty Indian Elephant. This was not your average case of wildlife trying to cross the road however.

India’s Racetek Automotive recently launched a publicity stunt involving a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 and an Indian elephant. Regardless of the creatures involved it was far from a circus.  The act contained the magnificence of the mighty creatures in all their splendour.  The dignity and power of each was remarkably preserved and highlighted.

Just as Eric Idle proved at the Olympic closing ceremony, it is perfectly entertaining to combine the best of what Europe can offer with some of the majesty from the Indian sub-continent.

The Aventador wore its Argos Orange bodywork and ADV.1 wheels, whilst the elephant wore equally-attractive bodypaint on its ears.

It is however possible to get your hands on an Aventador without a journey to India.  Whilst the show will tour India showcasing the unique pair, all you need to do to get behind the wheel of this Lamborghini is to go to the centrally-situated Experience Centre at Signature Car Hire.  Their unique pair of Aventadors is available for an equally-impressive self-drive hire.

The dynamic hexagons that combine to make up the silhouette of this car in geometric beauty are equalled only by the numbers that are the equation that yields the Aventador. 0-62mph in just 2.9 seconds is built upon the 6.5 litre V12 engine and 690 Nm of torque will keep you enthralled at every single bend and straight of your self-drive car hire.  The oil circulation system which keeps this car going will also fuel in you a similar level of adrenaline to keep the excitement pumping.  The Independent Shift Rods transmission ensures that the gearbox reacts to your every command with lightning precision and speed to deliver a drive of exceptional exhilaration.  Of course, no Lamborghini drive would be complete without the trademark growl and you certainly feel this as much as hear it, just as you would an elephant’s roar.

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