Lamborghini Choses Huracan as the Name for New Model

Gallardo fans waiting for the model’s long-awaited replacement, the Cabrera, got a slight surprise last month when it was announced that the car would instead be called the Huracán.

Not that anyone is complaining: the new car will boast a 5.2 litre 601BHP V10 engine, a 202MPH top speed and comes in four wheel drive. The name is also more than appropriate, Huracán was a 19th century bull famed for its courage and inclination to attack in the bullfighting arena.

This snorting beast of a car trumps its predecessor in many ways. With a 0-62MPH time of just 3.2 seconds it’s faster than the Gallardo, has a more powerful fuel-injected engine and weighs just 1,422kg thanks to its aluminum and carbon fiber body. Speaking of that body, early photographs suggest that the car looks like a Gallardo-Aventador hybrid, complete with a sharp lines, a short front end with narrow Aventator headlights, and those trademark Lamborghini edges that you could cut yourself on. With width and a low profile to accompany the unmistakable styling, this is a car that will absolutely turn heads when it’s on the road. A convertible version, the Huracán Spyder, is also expected to appear in the next few years, after the coupe has been launched.

If you’re one of the many people for whom the engine noise is integral to a driving experience, don’t miss the clever Huracán mini-site,, which allows you to push a virtual start-stop button and luxuriate in the car’s sexy roar.

The Huracán will be revealed in full at the Geneva motor show in March, and you’ll be able to tame the bull yourself when it comes into the Signature self-drive hire fleet in the autumn of this year. Just don’t wear red if you want an easy ride…

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