Lamborghini Inspires Student To Create Art

Artists who have the most beautiful materials with which to work are certainly capable of greatness.  When your canvas is a Lamborghini, it doesn’t matter if you are a grand master or a student,  a masterpiece is the result. The extreme design that has been the hallmark of the Lamborghini has been inspiring artists of all genres for almost fifty years.  In its latest role as a muse, a Lamborghini rendition has appeared in quite possibly it’s most futuristic yet.

A design student in the USA has originated a Lamborghini to take on the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport which stretches the boundaries that even the designers at Sant’ Agata Bolognese have not yet breached. A feast for the senses, as indeed are all Lamborghinis from their illustrious history, is contained in the artist’s impression that is the creation of design student Ondrej Jirec.

Studying at the Art Center College in Pasadena, California, it is clear to see influences of many of the great supercars from this mark, including those which have yet to grace the roads with their presence.  The car is clearly born under the sign of the Bull, Raging that is.  Recalling echoes of cars past, present and future, it contains cues from models such as the Reventon, mirroring the Aventador, and heralding the Sesto Elemento and Urus.

Jirec, who may possibly hold ambitions to be a Lamborghini designer yet, labels his concept as the Lamborghini Perdigon.  ‘Almost at the border with entertainment design’, he describes his vision on four wheels.  Aggressive in the spirit of Lamborghini, the car enjoys a characteristic wide stance with angular edges to underscore the muscular personality of all cars from this marque.

An almost aviation-inspired profile is found embodied in the profile.  The integrated and large glass windscreen/roof is more like the canopy of a fighter jet.  The rear diffuser and centrally-located front intake below the glass top underscore this theme.  The front light clusters shine through in a representation of airplane lighting.  The nose and wings surround these sharply-stepped LEDs to round-off the feeling of flight.

Whilst many may see this 3-D graphic and wish to see it come alive, perhaps a more corporeal car is found in a self-drive hire of the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.  Whilst Jirec’s design is certainly spectacular to see and imagine and adore, a car is there to be driven.  Driving can certainly be a full-sensory experience and the Gallardo Spyder undoubtedly engages sight, touch and of course one’s hearing.  The legendary growl leaves you in no doubt as to the drive you can expect.  The only choice is which of the two white Gallardos you will choose, and it will surely be the one with the interior to match your particular brand of style.

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