Lamborghini Premieres New Update to the Huracán

Huracan_LP_580-2_Unveiling_NewsCan the magnificent Lamborghini Huracán be improved upon? The marque certainly thinks so, as it has just unveiled the third incarnation of the car before a rapt audience of clients and journalists. The key difference in this model is the fact that it is rear-wheel drive, something that Lamborghini has been promising for some time.

Standing before the updated 2016 Lamborghini Huracán LP 580-2, Stephan Winkelmann, Automobili Lamborghini President and CEO, said: “The rear-wheel drive Huracán is the third version of our successful V10 model and also the most focused on pure driver enjoyment, By offering a car that channels power to the rear wheels, we open the door to an even greater group of clients.”

This new style Huracán promises to be just as spectacular as the original, which propelled Lamborghini to record-breaking sales last year. The 2016 model  will not only be rear wheel drive, but will also have revisions to the steering, stability control and rear kinematics, which will work in harmony to create a pure driver’s car. Owners will also have the opportunity to add in adaptive steering and dampers to their new Huracán.

You’ll be able to spot the 2016 Huracán by its new front and rear fascias, which are designed to set it apart from its older siblings. If you can’t wait to try the rear wheel drive version, however, then why not hire one of our beautiful 2015 Huracán models? We have three gorgeous cars to choose from, and we guarantee they’re just as fun – particularly as you can just hand them back to us when you’re done, rather than having to worry about cleaning or maintenance!