Land Rover demonstrate App-lied technology

range-rover-app-technology Land Rover are known for creating some of the world’s most powerful 4x4s, capable of conquering any terrain and lasting so long they can be passed down through the generations. Given this, you’d be forgiven for thinking that in-car technology wouldn’t be a priority.

Land Rover, however, are at the forefront of technological development – if you don’t believe us, check out their partnership with Virgin Galactic – and continuously stuffing their cars with clever inventions you don’t know you need until they’re there.

The latest development that has caught our eye is Land Rover InControlTM Apps. This clever system allows you to safely access your smartphone content, including compatible apps, from the vehicle’s touchscreen. Although luddites will argue that this will make it even harder for society to break free of its smartphone dependency, the technologically-savvy amongst you will immediately see the benefits – you can, for example, now search for a hotel without pulling over to check your phone.


InControlTM Apps will feature on every new Discovery, and be rolled out to the rest of the range. Complementing the exceptional technology package and infotainment system within the car, the software will replicate the look and feel of compatible smartphone apps on the vehicle’s touchscreen. It works with both Apple and Android phones, and optimises compatible apps for in-car use. Services include accessing essential data like your calendar and contacts, linking to your media library, and connecting to apps that provide features such as streaming, sat-nav and information gathering.

All the driver has to do is plug their phone into the USB port, tap the InControl Apps icon and select one of a growing range of apps – everything from Hotelseeker to Parkopedia. It’s an excellent resource for the modern driver and one that makes the wonderful new Discovery Sport even more attractive. Just don’t think you’ll be playing Angry Birds on the motorway any time soon!