Land Rover’s Brand New 9-Speed Transmission

Land Rover is using the success of the Evoque as the springboard to try out new things. The company decided to go with a 9-speed automatic transmission for the Evoque, which is one of the most successful car launches in recent times. The 9 speed transmission is an evolution from the popular 8 speed option that many people like. Land Rover has opted for 9 speeds because they say that it will create higher fuel efficiency and consumption by 11.4 per cent.

ZF were responsible for the transmission and they said that the response time was so quick that it was below the threshold of perception. That’s a pretty strong claim, and we are sure that many fans of the Evoque will want to know more about that claim. The driveline has been improved as well as a 4WD system to help the car balance better. There is a new feature in the transmission called ‘InControl’. This feature is essentially an emergency call and car tracking service wrapped into one. Its clear efficiency is a top priority in building transmissions for Land Rover.

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