Legend of Rolls Royce Comes Alive with Aviator Collection


35 unique cars have been crafted in the spirit of Charles Stewart Rolls, the rich aviation heritage of the marque, and the Supermarine S6B.  The online showcase for this suite of cars reveals all.

The achievements of motoring and aviation pioneer, Charles Stewart Rolls, have served to inspire a new collection of impeccably-bred cars.  An early balloon pilot, racing driver, and leading figure in the creation of what became known as ‘the best car in the world’, he was also the second person in Great Britain to hold an aviator’s licence.  In 1910 he made the first non-stop double crossing of the English Channel. It is these accomplishments which are felt in the Rolls Royce Phantom Coupé Aviator Collection.  The limited edition cars contain this essence through cockpit-themed design, aviation-inspired details, and signature design and engineering cues.  Beautifully displayed in an online portfolio, it would seem that a new legend is born.

Flight Magazine reported in 1910 that ‘Motoring, ballooning, aviation, all owe much to the pioneer work of Charlie Rolls’.  He is still contributing, as these cars contain his, and Sir Henry Royce’s, attention to detail and perfectionism.  The man himself was quoted as saying that ‘the power of flight is as a fresh gift from the Creator, the greatest treasure yet given to man’.  This gift is now imbued in these cars.  The Bespoke team at Rolls Royce have taken this character and bestowed it upon the ‘most driver-orientated car in the Phantom family’.  Capturing the design and craftsmanship of the golden age of flight in all from the smallest details to the grandest statements, the Phantom Coupé also shows its sporting inheritance, from the Phantom II Continental of the 1930s.  Even the glove compartment features a quote from Rolls.  

The cars certainly do promise to take the driver and passengers into another age, another world.  Soft full grain leather, veneered mahogany, Thommen clock, dashboard dials with black and white needles with blood orange tips, and polished aluminum finishing on the armrests, transmission tunnel and cup holder hark back to the glorious early days of air and motor racing.   There is nothing historic about the performance though.  The car’s fluid lines allude to effortless power under the pedal.

Bespoke extends even to the colour of the bodywork.  Aviator Grey was created especially for this collection.  The team combined matt and polished finishes to highlight the iconic grille and bonnet to continue the aviation theme.  Up-to-the minute full LED front light clusters with daytime running bar through to the centre of the headlight are blended in seamlessly for a modern make-up.    

An echo of times gone by, the Phantom Drophead Coupé on a chauffeur-drive hire brings a taste of the same Rolls Royce precision and power.  It represents an adventure into the legendary marque, with romance in design, prowess in performance, and prestige in luxury.  The low-slung yet statuesque body offers a great deal of impact.  The V12 engine powers the car effortlessly for your ultimate thrill.  The open-air or enclosed cocoon invites you to relax in as much comfort as any age of motoring, now or in years gone by, could provide.   


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