Marvel at the Most Powerful Mid-engined Convertible Ferrari Have Ever Made

Wherever you stand on the naturally aspirated versus turbocharged V8 debate, you can’t help but admire Ferrari‘s latest turbocharged offering, the stupendous 488 Spider.

Promising a turbocharged V8 experience like no other, the car is a marvel. Judging by the photographs and specs Ferrari have just released, in fact, it is destined to be the most powerful mid-engined convertible they have ever made.

What’s incredible about the car is its weight. Despite featuring a similar folding hard-top to the Ferrari 458, this device is actually around 55lbs lighter than a similar cloth version. Even more mind boggling is the fact that this can deploy in just 14 seconds, although admittedly taking 14 seconds to do anything is pretty slow in Ferrari terms. Overall, the weight increase on the hard top version is just 110lbs, making it 22lbs lighter than the 458 Spider!

Once folded, the roof lies over the engine, a turbocharged V8 producing 660BHP and powering the car from 0-62MPH in just 3 seconds – the same time as it takes the coupe. With a top speed of 203, furthermore, this car really is no slouch, and it gives the 488 GTB a really good run for its money, being only 0.3 seconds slower in a race to 124MPH.

One of the reasons for this incredible performance is the spaceframe chassis that’s made from a cocktail of aluminium alloys and other metals. It’s claimed that this gives it the same torsional rigidity as the other 488 – the one that won’t muck up your hairdo but which doesn’t allow you to feel the warm summer’s breeze as you zoom along.

Overall, this is undoubtedly a stunning, powerful and intoxicatingly exciting car. We can’t wait to get a first hand look!