McLaren Releases Seductive Taste Of Things To Come

The quintessential British sports car builder has just announced some exciting developments relating to its future plans, including an electrifying new supercar for the road.

The gripping news that McLaren will make its international motor show début in Paris later this month was just confirmed in a press release issued by the archetypal builder of superlative sports cars.

McLaren announced that they ‘will use this stage to showcase future plans, and unveil to the world its strategy to fast forward the world of automotive’.  Along with their appearance in Paris they promised to reveal more exciting news later this month, related to ‘the next exciting chapter of the brand’.

An enigmatic image of its next model was also released.   A teaser of the successor to the McLaren F1 was published depicting graphic fluorescent lines flowing over the spectral silhouette of a speed-rich car.  The inspiring scene raises imaginative thoughts of a prototype in a wind-tunnel.  Capturing the spirit of the F1 is certainly something which seems to be an objective of the designers of this car.

As the date for the next instalment approaches, we can look forward to more indicators about the name, styling, and engine.  What is already surmised is that the price tag is likely to be around £1m and the production run will be limited to 500.  It could be called the P12 or the P1 according to the grapevine.  Design from the pen of Frank Stephenson should incorporate elements from both the F1 and the MP4-12C.  Power could come from the 3.8 litre V8 engine found in today’s MP4-12C, optimised to about 800 hp thanks to electric assist.  An alternative being mooted is that a particular V10 engine may be developed by McLaren in conjunction with Ricardo.  More dynamism and aggression all round is likely to be seen in the final car.

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