McLaren Special Operations Reveal P1 with Exposed Carbon Fibre Sides

The Special Operations division of McLaren, known for their ‘bespoke engineering solutions’ that harness every last drop of the marque’s technology and power, have unveiled a cracking new version of the hugely popular P1. What’s noticeable about this version is on the outside, as although the P1 was unveiled in 2012, this is the first time the car has been given such an unusual exterior finish.


The MSO’s P1 has clear coated carbon fibre sides, which even bleed into the first half of the wheel arches. Normally, by contrast, a P1 would only have a central door element made of carbon fibre, meaning that this version contains the most carbon fibre that has ever been featured on a P1. That is, of course, until the McLaren Technology Centre releases its all-carbon fibre body versions in the not too distant future. Nevertheless, this P1 does also have carbon fibre wing mirrors and a carbon front splitter, front bumper and cooling ducts, just in case you thought they weren’t taking it seriously.

mcClarenAlongside its distinctive use of materials is an unusual colour scheme. The exterior uses a blinding shade of Volcano Orange, alongside gunmetal grey wheels and dark silver brake calipers.

As with any P1, the performance it delivers will be extraordinary. A P1 can do 0-62 MPH in just 2.8 seconds, and is limited to a – still very reasonable – top speed of 217MPH. For those who are unfamiliar with the vehicle, it’s a mid-engined, plug in hybrid sportscar that was only produced in 375 units – all of which sold out within a month of it being offered for sale. A rival to the Bugatti Veyron amongst others, this is a truly spectacular car that, with MSO’s involvement, looks set to further improve with age.