McLaren Supercar Goes Super-Special Edition

The McLaren MP4-12C Project Alpha brings a whole new dimension to the race-bred supercar for the road.  Only drivers on the roads around Chicago, USA, however, will have a chance to glimpse this phenomenon.

The McLaren Special Operations unit has previously been responsible for the MP4-12C High Sport and fabulous X1.  Now it is busy with another matchless creation.

It is reported that the McLaren Special Operations department has an amazing new project underway.  They are preparing a very special Limited Edition of their already-superlative road car for release.  It is limited not only in the number of cars that will be made, but in a spectacular instance of bespoke coachworks, it is limited in geography as well.  There are many cars which are manufactured for specific markets, but in this latest incidence, the six cars are a special order solely for sale at one particular McLaren dealership.

The McLaren showroom in Chicago, in the United States of America, will be the extremely privileged home of these unique cars, albeit for a short space of time most likely. Four of the six cars are already believed to have been sold.  Given the probable amount of attention focussed on the remaining twins, it is a safe guess to imagine that they will not stay on the dealer’s floor for very long.  Despite the price tag of approximately £222,000, demand for either of the pair should be high.  The dealership has commissioned the team at the Special Operations division to customise a specification of the MP4-12C exclusively for their customers.

Given the title Project Alpha moniker, the car with a supersized-dose of speciality comprises a degree of exclusivity worthy of the singular price tag.  A gloss black outfit cloaks the roof, front splitter, rear spoiler and wheels.  Carbon fibre vents demarcate the bonnet and rear.  The Project Alpha cars all carry a special edition badge to distinguish their unique make-up.  Whilst the car carries obvious pedigree, it is genetically-modified under the skin as well.  Performance updates borrowed from the 2013 model enhance this car.  These are found in the retuned gearbox, throttle, exhaust, and ECU.  This makes for a 616 hp output from the twin-turbo V8.

The fluidity of its handling, thanks to brake steer control and different modes of stability management, carry through into its looks. Clearly of race-winning pedigree, the orange silhouette is both beautiful and powerful. There is no better way to understand the meaning of the word supercar on contemporary roads.

Whilst potential buyers of the McLaren MP4-12C otherwise available may be able to specify most of these as options, the Project Alpha cars certainly carry a high level of desirability.   However, for those not living in Chicago, or who do not have the best part of quarter of a million pounds, the best bet is to get behind the wheel of our McLaren MP4 on self-drive hire.  Encapsulating the best of the legendary F1 road car, today’s carbon fibre 592bhp masterpiece sets a new precedent.  The twin-turbo 3.8 litre V8 pairs up with the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox for a 600Nm of torque super drive.  A port-injection fuel system complements to ensure an uninterrupted drive of your life. Just 3.3 seconds will see you rocket to 62mph from a standstill. To quote, call us on 0845 370 2222 or email us at

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