Meet the next great limited edition Rolls Royce

rolls-royce-phantomRolls Royce love a limited edition. Their latest offering is the Limelight Phantom, which is named after the British invention that was used to light theatre stages in Victorian England, also known as calcium light.

Only 25 models of this design will be made by the Bespoke team, offering a new rear seat design and custom door panniers.

At the heart of the project were three objectives: a car that allows you to prepare for your destination, relax comfortably and arrive in proper Rolls Royce style. Step one is achieved thanks to customisable door panniers, which create a ‘Phantom Suite’.

rolls-royce-phantom-limelight Available in both ladies’ and gentlemen’s versions, the storage compartments can hold perfume, jewellery and a selection of watches.

The compartments also contain a leather-lined carbon fibre and aluminium accessory box, alongside a vanity pouch for credit cards, sunglasses and makeup.

Step two, relaxation, is ensured by reprofiled rear seats, which recline 27 degrees. These are accompanied by an electronically-powered calf rest and a footrest that rises from the footwell.


To complete the luxury interior, two special interior trims are available, as well as unique piano seashell and smoked chestnut wood finishes. The clock is also new.

A Rolls Royce will always make an entrance, but the Limelight goes one stage further by using the gala blue paintwork, accompanied by a hand-painted diamond-shape coachline and unique nine-spoke alloys.

All in all, this is certainly a car for those with a theatrical flair. Orders are already being taken, however, so you’d better get your request in before the curtain falls.