Mercedes-Benz cleans up in the Chauffeur awards

The Oscars of the chauffeur car industry is the Chauffeur Car of the Year awards. These awards are hotly contested because they are the industry benchmark for what clients are looking for when choosing a chauffeur car. Mercedes-Benz’s S Class has done well in these awards in the Reader’s Choice category. The Chauffeur Car of the Year awards are organised by, the trade magazine for chauffeurs in the UK. asked its readers in a survey which car they would choose for their chauffeur company. The clear winner was the Mercedes-Benz S-Class LWB with over 36% of the vote.

We are not surprised to see that the S-Class has done so well and neither are the minds at Paul Gibson, the editor of the trade magazine said: “An operator simply knows he is able to clinch vital clients when the Mercedes-Benz brand is offered. The new S-Class is simply a stunning vehicle both to drive and travel in. The car has always been the most popular chauffeur vehicle, and our survey, the first of its kind, has proved this with a staggering amount of operators voting for it.” This is definitely going to please the design and engineering minds at Mercedes-Benz who have worked to create a unique silhouette for the S-Class that is totally suited to chauffeur car hire. The comfort of chauffeur car hire truly comes from the interior where leather upholstery and heated seats take centre stage to make sure that passengers can relax en route to their destination.

Plenty of choice in the S-Class.

Going with the S-Class for chauffeur car hire is ultimately the best option going forward. We have a great range available for chauffeur usage from the sleek S500 LWB to the S400 LWB that allow for relaxed chauffeur driving experiences where you are in control. S500 LWB comes with a V8 engine that has the power to go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds. With a top speed of 155 mph and an automatic transmission, this Black S-Class is ideal for chauffeur car hire where the car is needed for long periods of time. The S400 comes in an exterior sheet of Obsidian Black; style and substance come together in this car thanks to its 3.5 litre V6 engine. The S400 has the smooth performance credentials that you would expect from a chauffeur car such as torque of 370 Nm and 252 BHP.

It’s not a surprise that Mercedes-Benz did so well in the Chauffeur Car of the Year Reader’s Choice category. The marque has shown with the S400 and S500 models that it is completely dedicated to creating chauffeur car hire experiences that are worth remembering.