Mercedes-Benz goes to Detroit

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the new S600 at the Detroit Motor Show. As one of the top car shows in the world, this is the perfect environment for this stunning car to be shown off to industry insiders, executives and enthusiasts. The news of Mercedes-Benz showing off something new didn’t stay a secret for long so it added some anticipating and excitement to the show.

Some of the details we already know about the car include that it comes with a jewel of an engine: a twin-turbo V12 specifically that has around 530 horsepower. This is definitely a strong engine for a car with an executive-looking exterior. The four-door body of the car looks sleek judging from pictures of the S600. A long wheelbase option is the exclusive aspect of the S600. One of the benefits of long wheelbase cars is that they look stately which makes them great for corporate clients but also, they have more space in the interior. As more customers look for specifications that suit their lifestyles, long wheelbase cars like the S600 will fit right into their lifestyles.

If you can’t wait for this new model to arrive, then try our new shape S Class which has just arrived to London based Experience Centre. This model is a long wheeled base model, allowing you plenty of room in the back to sit back and relax. There are loads to gizmos and gadgets to enjoy, including the on board computer, park distance control, memory seats and Burmester sound system. With privacy glass and a panoramic roof, this car is an ideal choice to use with our chauffeur service too.