Mercedes-Maybach S600 to rival Rolls Royce and Bentley?

_dsc4502Mercedes Benz has unveiled their new luxury sub-brand, titled Mercedes-Maybach. It’s the flagship of their new naming structure, and is designed to be to prestige saloon cars what Mercedes-AMG is to high-performance ones.

Although the Maybach name faded into ignominy when production of the last model ceased in 2013, it’s now made a glorious return as the super-luxury version of the S Class, which is already being touted as a serious competitor to Rolls Royce and Bentley.

The car is 20cm longer than the long-wheelbase version of the S Class, with a higher roofline too.


These enhancements have one obvious purpose – to increase the room for passengers in the back.

This car is all about passengers who will be chauffeur driven, and every detail displays a huge attention to detail and a love of luxury materials. The leather is hand-stitched, only real wood is used and any extra trim is done in burnished chrome.

dsc06160The leather-clad seats are electronically-adjustable, recline up to 43.5 degrees, and offer massages to weary occupants while they rest their feet on the pop-out ottomans.

The car also comes with other luxury features such as perfumed air conditioning, a panoramic sunroof and a state of the art stereo.


Although this is very much a car to be on the inside, looking out, the exterior changes and Maybach badging are accompanied by a 523-hp 6.0-liter V12, produced by sister sub-brand Mercedes-AMG., which should power you to your destination in pretty good time.
As well as this exciting new luxury car, which has just been unveiled at the LA Motor Show, the marque has also revealed that it will be changing it’s entire letter-coded model naming system to make the differences more evident.

As a general rule, SUVs will have a GL prefix to their name, four-door models will have a CL prefix and roadsters will have an SL prefix. All will have a subsequent letter explaining which core model they are related to.

For more news on the new Mercedes-Maybach model, watch this space.