Midnight Blue for Rolls-Royce

When you look at the moon at night, it is enveloped by a midnight blue sky that makes the moon appear to shine even brighter. Midnight is an important time and colour for Rolls-Royce: the staff were looking at the midnight blue sky on the 1 January 2003 when the first Rolls-Royce Phantom was finished. Fast forward 10 years and this model has become one of the most loved prestige luxury cars in the market.

To promote the marque’s new Bespoke programme, Rolls Royce has made a “Celestial Rolls-Royce Phantom”. This stunning Phantom has fine glass particles that have been included into the paint of the car. There is an even a set of mock Constellations inside for the passengers to enjoy. This starlit night sky effect was created with hand-made fibre optic lights and adds a truly unique effect.

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The Celestial Phantom is beautifully finished with a Dusk colour leather upholstery which is luxurious and soft to touch as well as being comfortable for any Rolls-Royce passenger. Other details that match the starry theme of the car include the rear clock that has four diamonds, a lit up Spirit of Ecstasy ornament and wheel centres that are engraved.

This Phantom is bound to appeal to drivers who are passionate about Rolls-Royce’s heritage as well as enthusiasts who want a limited edition car that not everyone can own. The road is yours under the cloak of the midnight sky when you are at the helm of the Celestial Phantom.

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