Mini JCW GP Takes On Red Bull Stunt Plane

The new Mini JCW GP has a lot to crow about.  It is the fastest Mini ever.  Attempting to break the speed barrier it recently entered a unique duel.

The fastest Mini ever threw down the gauntlet recently.  The Red Bull Stunt Plane picked up this fabulous challenge.  Filmed at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, the super-hot hatchback brought its entire 1.6 litre turbocharged, 211 horse-powered engine to the fore.   With 221 lb-ft of torque, the Mini is certainly capable of a flying start.  When it comes to flying in totality however the Stunt Plane certainly takes the lead.

Giving the Mini the respect it deserves with the ‘fastest location check’ is rally driver Armindo Araujo.  He pilots both machines around the track with skill and flair.  Of course the view from above is spectacular, but the footage of the JCW GP is no less gripping.  As a race driver, he concedes, he needs to know the race track and the bird’s eye view that the stunt plane has given him allows him to throw the car around every twist and turn of the track.  This all provides for a thrilling short film.

If you want to see who wins, watch the video.  If you want to see what it feels like, take the Mini Cooper S Convertible on self-drive hire for a real rush.  For a sensation of flying, drive with the top down to get the wind in your hair.  

Looking every bit a stable mate of the Mini JCW GP, the Cooper S Convertible comes in striking yellow with trademark racing stripes.  The front of the car demonstrates its no-nonsense attitude to performance.  The bonnet-mounted air inlet, hexagonal radiator grill, and chrome plated twin exhaust complement the muscular stance of the car for an all-round action-packed appearance.

With new British-built engine, new front and rear suspension, and new six-speed manual gearbox, the car certainly has the credentials to back up its race-bred looks.

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