Mini Range Extension a Distinct Possibility

Thinking at Mini is certainly future-focussed.  Options to extend the range are being mooted which will grab the attention of new fans, as well as drivers looking to upgrade from their first Mini.  

The rebirth of Mini since 1994 has seen the marque grow from strength to strength.  The super-popular small supercar is now in its second evolution, with the third due out soon.  Seven new models, including the Clubvan, are now part of the line-up.  A portfolio of engine specifications, trim options, and special editions mark some of the lengths to which this car goes.  The retro styling on the popular hatchback platform has been a superbly-successful reintroduction of the iconic brand. 

The latest excitement from Mini is that we may possibly be treated to an even broader choice in the future.  Models may have more space, more sportiness, more carrying capacity, and even more miniaturisation. 

This smaller Mini, much like the Rocketman concept, would need some development, after the Rocketman failed to launch due to high costs.  A more spacious Mini could see a trade-up option for existing Mini lovers who outgrow their initial car.  Reflecting the phenomenal success of the Countryman, which accounts for almost one third of all Minis sold, and the enthusiasm in the Paceman crossover coupé, a larger all-road vehicle could certainly be on the cards.  After all, the Countryman is second-most popular body style after the original hatch.  A Mini sedan is another option, to share components with parent company BMW’s upcoming front-wheel drive cars, as previewed by the new Active Tourer concept.  Perhaps the most exciting is the sporty Mini, with even more pulling power than the current Mini Roadster.

Whatever the choice, BMW is already investing almost £1 billion in Mini’s manufacturing facility in Oxford, planning to rent excess capacity from a joint Mitsubishi-Volvo plant in Holland and may establish a new design studio in the UK. This is a clear statement that there is much excitement forthcoming.

For a taste of the current enjoyment available from Mini, it is hardly possible to top what a self-drive hire of the Mini John Cooper Works has to offer.  Never before has such performance, flair, and a little bit of luxury been wrapped up in one dynamite package.  Twin-scroll turbocharger, upgraded manual gearbox, Dynamic Traction Control, twin exhaust system and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution provide a spirited short-term hire.  Badging, chrome finishing, body kit, and exclusive JCW paintwork adorn the body for a unique visual stance.  The sterling Piano Black interior highlights what the car has inside with pedals and instrument panel in stark relief for an acute feeling of sports-bred driving.