New Armoured Range Rover

In today’s world, safety is imperative. Whether you’re a government official, business executive or a courier of high value merchandise, for any individual who perceives a threat to their safety sometimes the comforts of a 4×4 just aren’t enough.

However, Signature now specialises in supplying bullet resistant passenger vehicles offering you that peace of mind that you have been looking for. This armoured Range Rover provides the ultimate in security measures with its high tech armoured protection. With bullet-resistant glass and lightweight Armormax ballistic composite material armouring the body of the vehicle, Signature Car Hire are able to provide a car which looks no different to a standard Range Rover to the eye, but meets the toughest of security measures for you and your passengers.

Signature Car Hire has years of experience in supplying clients with a security service to accompany their fleet of prestigious cars, whether that be with a security driver or with a full close protection officer service, available with most of the fleet.  Signature has now extended their offering with the addition of this armoured Range Rover which gives protection to a variety of threat levels including a high powered rifle attack. This vehicle is available on a car hire basis with a chauffeur or by using our specialist close protection officer service.

Go to the Armoured Range Rover page on the main website to see full details of the cars armouring specifications which have been specifically designed and integrated into the car to be very discreet ensuring from the outside this looks like any other Range Rover.