New Audi A8 First Production Car to Feature Completely Autonomous Driving Technology


The Signature Car Hire lineup is never complete without an Audi somewhere in the mix; the Fleet features the incredible likes of the Audi TT, the Audi Q5, the Audi R8 and the Audi A5, all renowned for their German engineering and powerful performance capabilities. Thus, it is exciting news that Audi is set to replace its flagship luxury saloon, the Audi A8, next year and it is due to be an absolutely phenomenal car.

Not only is the new Audi A8 being created to be one of the most high-tech cars ever put on the road, the new Marque will be the first production car to be built with full “level 3” autonomous driving technology. Not only will future Audi A8 drivers be able to relax behind the wheel, but even take their eyes off of the road.

New spy images have been released of the new Audi A8, revealing a whole new design language for the brand: each line of cars will be given a more distinctive identity. The A8 will pioneer this new style path, brought about by recently appointed design head Marc Lichte; while spy pictures reflect a subtle exterior design, an exaggerated front grille and intricate rear lights peep their way through the camouflage.

Revolutionary piloted driving technology has been confirmed to feature in the flagship saloon, utilising the latest technology such as long-range radar sensors, ultrasonic sensors, laser scanners and high-resolution video cameras. These will all work together to constantly monitor the car’s surroundings and thus enable the Audi A8’s ability to practically drive itself. The system will be fully able to guide the car safely through traffic jams at up to speeds of 37 MPH – can you imagine? The new Audi A8 will be the first car to allow the driver to safely take their eyes off the road.

Moreover, Audi predicts that the majority of innovation within automotive technology will come from electronics, specifically lighting. LED technology is thought to be incorporated in the Audi A8’s digital displays and systems, enabling “new forms of expression and differentiation”, according to Ricky Hudi, Head of Electronics. These displays will also be operated through gesture control; in-car operations, such as adjusting temperature, answering incoming calls and switching between radio stations will all switch from button operation to gesture control in the new saloon.

A plug-in version of the new Audi A8 is also expected to make a debut at some point next year, though it seems unlikely that a fully electric version will follow.

Doesn’t it sound absolutely incredible? As we eagerly await the new Audi A8, be sure to familiarise yourself with the wonders of the Audi Marques through an unforgettable Signature self-drive hire experience. Our entire fleet is waiting for you; Make your Marque with Signature Car Hire now.