New Audi A8 First to Pioneer Hybrid Engine for the Brand


Fuel consumption is scheduled to be reduced yet again, as Audi step up to other brands and announce that the new Audi A8 will be the first of its range to feature a “mild-hybrid” transmission, due for launch next year.

Mild-Hybrid = Surprising Enhancements

Stefan Knirsch, the company’s new board member of technical development, has revealed details of a new mild hybrid powertrain and transmission; the new saloon will use a 48V electrical system, working off a Starter Generator Motor that recharges the back-up battery and assists the engine when pulling off at low speeds. This results in increased fuel efficiency and less fuel consumption, lowering exhaust pollution in certain driving situations.

Audi has confirmed that the all-new model will be available to manufacture in both petrol and diesel engines, and will feature “electric compressors” utilising back-up energy sourced from the battery pack; the battery pack will fund the blowing of air into the turbochargers at very low engine speeds. This will completely rid the model of any conventional turbo lag, thus resulting in an even more enhanced drive quality and performance.

A plug-in version of the Audi A8 is also anticipated for release, however, this new type of “mild-hybrid is far less of an expense, and is also available to be retrofitted to other conventional engines. We expect that this will be an option taken up by on-the-road drivers who will appreciate the power increase of around 20%, as well as a reduction in CO2 output by around 15%. Knirsch has branded this the “rightsizing” of engines, whereby smaller engines running with a “mild-hybrid” will have the capacity to output the same power of a larger engine running on petrol only.

The New Audi A8 Will Drive Itself
In addition to the “mild-hybrid engine, the new Audi A8 will pioneer the latest in autonomous driving technology for the range.

The model will use technology including long-range radar sensors, ultrasonic sensors, laser scanners along with high-resolution cameras to consistently monitor the road and surroundings ahead. In fact, the car will be able to safely drive and guide itself through traffic jams up to speeds of 37 MPH – “look, no hands!”

Imagine, dashboard displays are set to be operated by gesture control – a feature already set to launch in the Facelifted Volkswagen Golf next year. Daily operations such as answering a call or adjusting the temperature will no longer require any frantic search for a button; no, a wave of the hand will now do.

All this, and a new look? We cannot wait to see and try the finished package – although for now, our Audi Car Hire fleet is packed to keep you all entertained.

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