New BMW 7 Series Unveiled

bmwAfter much anticipation BMW has finally revealed their 7 Series for 2016. In terms of looks, it retains much of the same styling present on the previous (fifth) generation. It is however sleeker overall, with curves that will appeal to executives everywhere.

The main upgrades in this model are in the body material and the technology. The new seven series is a whopping 190 pounds lighter than its predecessor, thanks to a new ‘Carbon Core’ platform that mixes carbon-reinforced plastic with high-strength steel and aluminium. The lighter car should result in better performance, and helping it towards that goal are an inline six engine in the 740i, and a V8 in the 750i.

Inside, the 7 series gets tech happy, with enough touchscreens to satisfy even the most gadget-hungry fanatic. There’s one up front for the driver, carrying all the usual infotainment options, while rear seat passengers get BMW Touch Command, which allows them to adjust the seats, air conditioning, seat heating, lights, entertainment options and much, much more. Even the keyfob has a touchscreen, allowing you to park the vehicle while you’re standing outside. (Or evade bad guys, if you’re James Bond!)

bmw3Our favourite feature is perhaps the Futuristic BMW Gesture Control, which allows you to activate certain functions simply by waving your hands. You can, for example, answer a telephone call by simply swiping your hand above the centre console. Fortunately, the central console also teaches you how to perform gestures, and acknowledges them with an audible signal, ensuring you’re not waving your arms about needlessly!