New Mercedes-Maybach is here

mercedes-maybachAlthough it’s hard to think that the S Class needs improvements, the new Maybach may make you think again.

Production of the original Maybach ended in 2013, but Mercedes has reincarnated the brand as the uber-luxury incarnation of its S Class model, and this phoenix is set to rise quite spectacularly from the flames.

The Mercedes-Maybach is an elongated version of the S Class, and unsurprisingly the word ‘limo’ comes up often in reviews.

The extra stretch really takes effect in the back seat, where all Maybach passengers are in any event likely to be – this is very much a chauffeur-driven car. Not only do the rear seats have extra head and leg room, but they also benefit from a rear quarterlight that allows passengers to sit out of sight of the main window.

-back-seatsmercedes-maybachThe seats are covered in hand stitched leather, and come with both hot stone massage, champagne flutes and Maybach cushions in the rear.

Trim materials are the highest quality wood and chrome, which, given how luxurious the S Class is, is really saying something.

Sound quality is also a big part of the Maybach experience, and Mercedes has confidently stated that the car is the world’s quietest saloon. If you want noise, however, then the exceptional Burmester sound system will soothe your ears, or you can chat to your driver in the front seat thanks to a voice amplification system.

exteriorIn terms of power, the UK model will probably feature a beefy 6-litre V12 producing 523BHP.

Although most customers are unlikely to be behind the wheel of this beautiful beast, they should be reassured that they can be driven to their destination at a reasonably smart pace.

All in all this is a truly exciting development in the luxury car market, and one we’re sure will be very popular with both UK and international VIPs.