New Powerful Track-Focused Mercedes AMG-GT R Lands at Goodwood Festival of Speed


The 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed will certainly be etched on many Mercedes fans hearts from this weekend onwards, thanks to its facilitating of the introduction of the new beast that is the Mercedes AMG-GT R – more power, four-wheel drive and some serious aerodynamic performance has got us with driving gloves ready, itching to jump straight behind the wheel.

So What Exactly Does the New Track Based Model Bring to the Table?
Aside from that colour – yes, we do not think we’ve ever fallen so hard for car paint before – the AMG-GT R landed at Goodwood as one of Mercedes most advanced cars to date.  Rigorous testing has all worked towards creating a far more track-focused AMG GT model; faster, lighter and harder than ever before, the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 rises from 503bhp to 577bhp. The dual-clutch gearbox software has been tweaked for faster shifts, resulting in a rather breathtaking 3.6 seconds 0-60 MPH speed and a top speed of 198 MPH. Of course – and quite reassuringly – the brakes have also had an update to cope with all that extra work, while an optional carbon ceramic set is also available.


Goodwood-Festival-Mercedes-AMG-GT-R-7The AMG-GT R Sheds Some Pounds
To shed some weight from the AMG GT-R, a lighter – though much noisier (yes!) – active exhaust system has been added to the car. Aluminium components within the suspension have also contributed to a decrease in weight, while carbon-fibre engine mounts and chassis components have been bolted on.

Aerodynamics, it seems, were a consistent focus throughout the development of the Mercedes AMG-GT R – a focus that has certainly paid off. The rear wing alone generates 155KG of down force, while a new active front splitter also helps to achieve the statistics detailed earlier. An active underbody panel helps reduce lift by directing airflow to the rear diffuser, while louvres in the front grille can open and close to help manage engine temperature; all in all, the new AMG-GT R benefits from improved high-speed stability, reduced drag and a better down force.

Goodwood-Festival-Mercedes-AMG-GT-R-8The car has undergone a few changes physically, too. Overall, the look is more aggressive than ever before, with redefined arches stretched by 46mm at the front and 57mm at the rear to accommodate a wider track. A new vertical slatted grille, chunky air intakes, a huge black rear wing and double rear diffuser have also been created and added to the car’s design, further contributing to its menacingly beautiful look. Coming back to the green magno matt paint, it unashamedly makes reference to the ‘Green Hell’.

The interior has maintained much of the previous model’s design and ambience, though small details, including new yellow seatbelts, stitching, and a gloss black trim decorates the cabin now. Lighter bucket seats also give the car a far more supercar feel.

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