New Signature Car Hire Brand Distinguishes Your Luxury Car Hire Experience

The news that Signature Car Hire is now acclaimed as the leading prestigious car hire company in Britain should come as no surprise to anyone.  Offering the world’s most beautiful marques as well as legendary service and expertise, anyone has hired a car from Signature Car Hire will know this intimately.

The founder of this renowned organisation, Dee Bhatia, decided that, with the largest self hire drive fleet of luxury cars, it was time to give the company a branding make over to match this status.

With this as a point of departure, the Signature Car Hire brand has been redefined to help differentiate Signature Car Hire’s superior service from that provided by competitors.  It is the valued client’s guarantee that they will receive a product and service in excess of their expectations.

The Signature Car Hire’s brand identifies the needs of such clients and provides the emotional link between them and their moving luxury car hire experience.  The new brand confirms the clear and credible guarantee of comfort, luxury and performance.   This allows both the valued and new customer to make the choice to rent with Signature Car Hire.

The brand includes all the collateral that one would expect from a leading trading firm.  This reflects the primary positioning of Signature Car Hire in the market.   This ‘marque of distinction’ is your guarantee of a superlative experience.  Replicating the badges of some of the supreme vehicles in their prestigious portfolio, the logo is the starting point for defining just why Signature Car Hire is number one.

The boldness and confidence of the brand of Signature Car Hire means that you can be assured of the quality of customer service yet with a warm, friendly and enthusiastic approach.

This tone of voice continues so that you experience nothing but clear and respectful communication when you deal with the staff.  They will always try to avoid the use of jargon and avoid complicated/technical explanations.  Whilst they are the most knowledgeable staff in the business, completely familiar with all the vehicles, you can expect nothing but a candid and personal contact.

The new brand confirms that Signature Car Hire is the best at what they do and to what others also do, whilst offering things that only they can deliver to you.  This consistency in the value you receive is exactly what one would expect from the power of a strong brand.

Throughout all the touchpoints through which customers interface with the Signature Car Hire, the value in driving the world’s most beautiful supercars is unlocked.