New Special Edition Aston V8 Roadster

Aston Martin enthusiasts will be excited to see the latest V8 Roadster N420 just added to the fleet of performance self drive hire cars available at Signature. One cannot fail to be impressed by the awesome new Roadster and, recognising this, Signature Car Hire now offers you the opportunity to succumb to the spell of the quality inherent in this supercar.  Given that Signature Car Hire only purchases brand new cars with the highest specifications, you will be guaranteed a spectacular serving of superlative style, power and speed.     

Most thrilling of all is that this latest addition is the N420 Roadster Special Edition. Subtle lines leave an impression of understated opulence; one cannot but deny the thoroughbred beneath.  Leading the spectacular sleek silhouette underpinned by muscular touches, is the elongated bonnet, as are the elliptical headlamp profiles and hallmark front grille. The rear of the car will no doubt impress with decadent contours of solid performance.  Given that Signature Car Hire has the largest fleet of self-owned prestige marques in the UK, it is no surprise to learn that this was their next addition to the fleet, enabling you to hire this special edition supercar.

Inside our Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster, the special features of the N420 Limited Edition are truly felt. Whether you are a fanatic or first-time Aston Martin driver, the fluid lines recognised outside are easily transposed to the interior.  A sublime feeling of flying is instantly felt through the opulent yet regimented seating. Driving position is comfortable and reinforced by the aviator-style dials viewed directly by the driver. Full grain leather and obsidian black combine to layer luxury upon both the pilot and passenger in this opulent roadster.