Next Generation Ferrari California on the Cards

It’s hard not to love the existing Ferrari California. The beautiful car, which spans the track and touring worlds with not only ease but also a large dash of Italian style, has only increased the already magnificent Ferrari legacy.

Now, however, Ferrari are hinting at what’s in store for the next generation of this ‘grand touring supercar’.  Its next incarnation is touted to have a completely new look, and one that’s designed to give it a great presence on the track. Whether we can expect boosted power as well remains to be seen.

The track-focused California will feature a modular vehicle architecture that will become a key feature of other mid and front engined Ferrari models. This will be made out of aluminium and is a very clear indication of Ferrari’s future, Lego-like direction. The car will keep its folding hardtop roof, but this will be made lighter and more efficient – in yet another indication of that track focus.
For those on a budget, Ferarri have also indicated that they may offer a less expensive version of the California, which will have a twin turbo 2.9 litre V6 rather than the normal V8 option, which should – the marque claim – allow for around 600 horsepower.

It’s hard to really predict the image of these changes until we see them in the flesh, but commentators have speculated that, at their heart, they are the result of a drive to increase production flexibility and reduce costs. Until we’re behind the wheel of a next generation California, however, we’ll reserve further judgement!