Next Time You Think a Car is a Work of Art, Think of this Porsche Sculpture

porsche-sculptureIn 1963 something stunning was born in the Stuttgart district of Zuffenhausen, the first Porsche 911. One the eve of their unveiling the facelifted 911, Porsche revealed the sculpture they had commissioned to commemorate the car that made their name a global sensation.

Designed by British artist Gerry Judah, the sculpture consists of three tall pillars, the highest of which is 24 metres, each capped with a Porsche 911. Yes, you did read that right, there is an actual Porsche 911 on the top of each column.

porsche-sculpture-nightEach of the three cars hails from a different generation, in order to best illustrate the history of the marque. These cars are an F-series from 1970, a G-series from 1981 and the latest 911 that has only just been revealed.

The sculpture, situated in the Porscheplatz, was unveiled amidst a spectacle of film, lightshow and vehicular choreography.  Speaking to the packed crowd, Matthias  Müller, CEO of Porsche AG, said: “The sculpture that we present today is more than a work of art. It is also a symbol for our company’s close ties with Stuttgart.” In recent years, Porsche has invested around one billion Euros in facilities in porsche-sculpture2the greater Stuttgart area. Furthermore, an additional 1.1 billion Euros have been earmarked for the recently-established safeguarding of locations – a large proportion of which is to be invested in Zuffenhausen.”



Tall and striking, the sculpture is oddly, perhaps unexpectedly beautiful, and certainly worth a look next time you’re in Stuttgart – especially if you’re there to pick up a new 911!