Only Motors Drops into Signature to Film the Crew….and Cars!

signature-car-hire-only-motors-filmingThere was plenty of excitement at Signature HQ this week when the Only Motors film crew popped down to the Signature Experience Centre to film our operation and our exceptional fleet of supercars for hire.

Presenter ‘Tall’ Tim interviewed personnel in situ, asking them about Signature’s operation, essentially trying to figure out why we are so confident we are the number 1 prestige and performance car hire company in the UK.

Bizhan Jeddi; Business Development, who has already been in the Only Motors hot seat before was keen to talk about the future of Signature and the newly launched Signature Supercar Club.

signature-car-hire-only-motors-filming-marketing2Sallie Ward, from the Marketing Department, was keen to share with Tim the importance of the Signature brand, how Signature is promoted on-line and what her top pick of the fleet was.

Sallie commented, “It was great fun! I have a pretty interesting job and get to do a lot of different things, but this was a totally different experience from the normal routine, but one I thoroughly enjoyed.

It’s great to be able to talk passionately about the brand and our product and I hope the Only Motors team had a warm welcome from our team and they experienced the WOW factor when they walked into the showroom”.

signature-car-hire-only-motors-filming-dee bhatiaOf course centre stage goes to Signature’s Founder and CEO who was interviewed by Tim in his impressive office which has a bird’s eye view over the Experience Centre and the entire Signature operation. “It’s great to be recognised by the industry and I was proud to welcome the Only Motors team to Signature HQ so they can see the whole operation and share it with their car enthusiast fans.

We believe our showroom is unrivalled in the industry and it is good to have the opportunity to share this with viewers who love supercars as much as I do. I am very much looking forward to the finished programme when it is aired.”

signature-car-hire-only-motors-filming-timAfter filming, we asked Tim about his Signature Experience, he said “The hospitality was incredible, as are the supercars! To sum up, friendly, professional…….and they make an outstanding cup of tea!” and on his top car Tim commented, “Personally, because I fitted in it (he’s not called Tall Tim for nothing!) I would chose the Aston Martin and for ‘blingability’ the Lamborghini Aventador!”

onlymotors-logoWe were delighted to welcome the Only Motors team to the heart of the Signature operation and look forward to them coming again soon.