Our Signature Bentley Flying Spur has just arrived!

bentley-flying-spur-front-sideThe excitement in the Signature office yesterday was palpable – we just couldn’t wait to see our new Bentley Flying Spur roll through the doors! The chauffeur team were just entering into a heated debate about who would be allowed to drive it first when suddenly it appeared, its gleaming black body gliding towards us like something out of a dream.

Now we’ve had a chance to examine it up close, we can tell you that it’s absolutely every bit as gorgeous as it appears from its photographs. Sleek, yet with a wide muscular front grille that shows it means business, this car is an unmistakably a hallmark of luxury.

The interior is spacious and elegant, with over 600 individual pieces of trim and almost ten square metres of walnut veneer. The seats are clad in the softest cream leather, and rear seat passengers benefit from a sun roof and entertainment screens in the back of the front seat headrests, linked to high quality headphones.

We expect this car to be hugely popular with our chauffeur-hire customers as the Bentley’s spacious rear makes it perfect for both business users and those celebrating special occasions. Drivers of this car, however, will not be disappointed. Powered by a 6 litre W12 engine, the car handles well and provides an engaging drive, yet the air suspension and composition of the Flying Spur ensure that it’s still one of the smoothest rides you’ll ever have.

If you’re interested in hiring our new Flying Spur then check out the photos or give us a call – but with the summer events / wedding season coming up it’s best to be quick!