Pimp your Porsche 911

Porsche fans will already be very familiar with the Aerokit, the after-market enhancement package offered by Porsche to improve their cars’ aerodynamic properties and, consequently, speed.


The Aerokit has been around for many years now, and is offered across a range of the marque’s cars. The latest development in this line is that Porsche have released the Turbo Aerokit for the 991 Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S models. The kit was designed in Porsche’s wind tunnel, and improves the handling of both cars without upsetting the drag coefficient.


The Aerokit comes as several body modifications to your existing 911 Turbo or Turbo S. The easiest change to spot is at the rear: the customised cars have a wider rear spoiler with curvier edges. As with the extended front lip, this is designed to reduce lift. Two large side fins will be added to the front to boost downforce, while the car’s side skirts will also be extended.

Overall, the effect is to make the car look immediately more aggressive and sporty. With the Aerokit added, your Turbo 911 looks like it’s ready to take on anything on the road, not to mention propel you round the track for the time of your life. To experience some Porsche magic for yourself, take a look at our sporty selection of the marque’s offering and pick your hire today.