Pininfarina Confirm New Concept Car to be Revealed

Pininfarina-Teaser-Concept-CarPininfarina looks to be biting back with a vengeance; the Italian design house has revealed they will showcase a new car at the Geneva Motor Show this March and have let us glimpse the first glance with a teaser picture of the nose.

We See the Bonnet…But What’s Under It?

Judging by the aerodynamic and sleek style flaunted in the teaser picture, Signature Car Hire guess that it will be a striking performance model…another to add to our performance car hire fleet, perhaps?

The famous Italian design house has long-established customers including Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Maserati and Lancia, but recently hit a financial crisis and found themselves having acquired rather large amounts of debt. Late last year, though, like a beacon of light, Indian carmaker giant Mahindra Group purchased a controlling stake in Pininfarina and resolved to reduce the company’s 52 million euro debt. He has clearly set to work promptly, and we are excited to see the fruits of his labour, though he has vowed to keep Pininfarina independent. In an official release, Pininfarina has described the new concept car as an “innovative, stylistic and technological jewel”. It sounds like it will fit right into our performance car hire marques – how fulfilling to know that this renowned design house, celebrated throughout the car industry – is rising up among the greats once again. This will be the first concept car revealed by Pininfarina since 2013, ironically, at the Geneva Motor Show, which saw the debut of the Sergio.

Pininfarina and their Designs Over The Years

Pininfarina has certainly had a heavy hand in the design of some old favourites. The Ferrari 250 GTE is renowned as Ferrari’s first widely successful model, shot them to fame and instilled their confidence to progress and bless our lives with the unimaginable Ferraris of our time, providing us with one of the leading self-drive hire experiences of our lives. Neither can we forget the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer, which debuted the brand’s initial move to mid-mounted engines and underpinned the awesome Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, improving performance and style at every curve and turn. The Ferrari Enzo was also designed by Pininfarina, and broke the mould on its release, with its unique looks and unquestionable power; nowadays, the same is delivered of Ferrari models such as the Ferrari 458 Spider, available to experience out of the doors of our very own showroom.

rolls-royce-camargueThe Rolls-Royce Camargue is also among Pininfarina’s innovative designs, at the time, standing as the most expensive production car in the world; a very different car when compared to our Rolls-Royce Ghost, but a fantastic reflection of the Italian design house personified in this classic masterpiece.

As aforementioned, Pininfarina has arisen from their financial woes, and we could not be happier to welcome back their accredited talent and eagerly await their productions to come. As we do, we will not forget to appreciate the sheer beauty and performance held within our own showroom at Signature Car Hire; do not waste time in seeing them for yourself. Do not waste time in Making your Marque.