Porsche Panamera upgrade is bolder than ever

porsche-panameraThe Porsche Panamera GTS is, from early reviews, definitely a car for those who think more is more. With ‘tank-like dimensions’ according to Chris Evans in the Daily Mail, this is not a car for subtlety.

Yet it follows in the traditions of all Panemeras before it, in being big, bold, and beautiful. As well as a sexily – if unusually – curved body, this model is 10mm lower than its predecessors, with self-levelling air suspension.

The brakes are also bigger, while the gearbox is the 7-speed PDX, which allows for seamless changes.

Coupled to this is the 4.8litre 440BHP engine, which takes it from 0-60MPH in 4.4 seconds, before roaring up to a top speed of 178MPH. Reviews suggest that the Porsche Panamera GTS provides great handling, excellent grip and an all-round enjoyable ride.

porsche-panamera-interiorThe interior has been upgraded to ensure that it’s not only comfortable but also ergonomic, with everything the driver needs within easy reach. Even the wing mirrors automatically dip when you’re reversing, to help you avoid nudging the kerb. The styling theme of the interior is modern and high tech, with a clean design dominated by straight lines.

Although the Panamera will continue to divide opinion, even with its increased reliance on 911 styling, this car will undoubtedly find a bevy of loyal fans. To discover the beauty of our Panamera in Signature’s Porsche range, visit our Experience Centre and pick out your favourite to hire and drive away today.