Porsche Versus Ferrari at Signature Car Hire

ferrari-vs-porsche-hackett-familyIt was supercar versus supercar and white versus white at Signature Car Hire when regular performance car fans, and loyal Signature clients, the Hackett’s came to pick up their hire cars this weekend.

Amanda selected our Porsche 911 Turbo S Coupe (991) in blistering white with striking Carerra red interior and pitched it against Andy’s selection of our shimmering pearl Bianco Fuji white Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe with seats that embrace the driver in soft, Nero leather-appointed comfort. The Hackett’s are pictured here with their children Hayden and Hadleigh who seem to have chosen their favourite supercar for the pictures.

The Porsche is capable of eliciting driving pleasure that you could only dream of. It has extensive design and technology features for the Porsche enthusiast to revel in including the distinctive rear spoiler and intricate diamond cut alloy wheels with yellow callipers. With cruise control and luxurious electric red Carrara seats to nestle in to, you’ll be so wrapped up in your own euphoria, you may not even notice the oglers looking in awe of your sleek, sumptuous piece of machinery.

ferrari-vs-porscheEvery detail of our Pearl white Ferrari is crafted to create an environment of comfort, with soft, supple Nero leather and Alcantra seats, finished with Grigio Chiaro stitching. As you sink in to the deep comfort of your seat, you can enjoy the Carbon Fibre Dash before pulling the distinctive coloured seat belts into place. Design is as striking on the outside as inside, with Rosso callipers and Diamond Forge 20-Alloys wheels and a Nero Daytona Roof for a luxurious finish. Such luxury is like gold-dust to supercar enthusiasts, so it is no wonder that the Hackett’s decided to hire both cars, each with such appealing credentials.

Never before has the car enthusiast been so well catered for, with high performance cars capable of achieving breakneck speeds. If you are comparing the cars on performance, then the Ferrari wins, but only just, with a top speed of 202 mph compared to the Porsche’s top speed of 197mph. Most will be surprised to note the Porsche pips the Ferrari by 0.3 seconds with the 0-60 time of 3.1 seconds, so Porsche is by no means an automatic runner up in this competition. When you combine such power with world class luxury bordering on decadence and take it for a ride, you’re sure to inject some great excitement in your life. We will leave the last words to the Hackett’s to see which car same out trumps during their hire.

As usual, Dee welcomed his guests to ensure they received the full Signature Experience, “We have had clients hire cars for almost every reason you can imagine, but I really think this is the first time a couple have hired two cars just to see who got top draw! I certainly hope it added to their weekend car hire rental. Personally I would opt for the white Ferrari, simply because the pearl finish is so stunning and unique. This optional extra cost an additional £15,000 which makes it pretty rare…but worth every penny!”


Dee continued by saying “It’s always a pleasure to meet with my return customers because I get to hear all about their rentals and car hire experiences. Welcoming them into the Experience Centre is all part of the hire experience. We don’t just ask customers to fill out paperwork and then hand over the keys. Clients are invited to tour our impressive showroom, view all our other cars, take pictures and walk away with a real WOW experience. Our staff also spend time with each client (whether on site or when a car is delivered) showing them how each car works and how to maximise all the controls. For example, when faced with a choice or ‘Race’ or ‘Sport’ driving option you need to know which will work best for you on the open road.”

When Amanda and Andy returned the cars Dee remarked “They said this was the best rental they had so far – as they were able to drive both cars with their two sons who were able to experience both cars.”

The couple had planned their days excursions and scheduled specific routes with stop offs at key UK destinations to carry out activities with the kids in addition to being able to drive and tour with their chosen cars.

The final words go to Amanda, who sent Dee a personal message after the hire, saying, “Thank you so much my weekend was fantastic. I’m not a girl who likes diamonds and nice clothes but give me a 600bph to play with and I will smile for England 😀  Dee Bhatia thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to drive that most amazing Porsche.”