Range Rover Celebrates its 45th Birthday

The Range Rover has come a long way. While many 45-year-olds are busy coping with their mid-life crisis, this iconic car is elegantly fending off rivals at the top of the luxury 4×4 market, and flying the flag for excellence in British craftsmanship.

To celebrate this milestone birthday, Range Rover have released a short film that charts landmark moments in their history. With a few surprising facts, and lots of nostalgia-inducing footage, this is a must-see for any Range Rover fan. Did you know, for example, that it was the first car to be displayed at the Louvre?

It’s also essential viewing for those who think Range Rovers are solely the preserve of people who live in Chelsea, or perhaps people who kick an inflated sphere around for a living. The film is a thought-provoking testament to Range Rover’s practical heritage, and the fact that the cars are both designed for and capable of negotiating any terrain. It also neatly showcases the glorious design elements that have made Range Rover so popular, in an un-flashy, no-nonsense sort of way that typifies the brand.

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