Range Rover Spotted Testing, Showing Off Subtle Changes

The Range Rover – an SUV range exhibiting the ultimate blend of luxury, ferociousness and above all, performance, and certainly a favourite of ours at Signature Car Hire.

To our exquisite delight, an updated Range Rover has been sighted testing on UK roads, driving home the exciting widespread expectations that the Range Rover is due a facelift this very year.


For now, only a few small changes can be spotted on the exterior of the luxurious SUV; in fact, the undercover Range Rover has only been camouflaged from the bonnet and door handles down, thus indicating that a dramatic overhaul is not on the cards. Differences on this Facelifted model so far appear to be a new front bumper, debuting sportier-looking vents and a honeycomb grill. Range Rover also seem to have done away with the ‘gills’, predominantly found behind the front wheels of the current model.

No camouflage was added to the back of the test car, either, suggesting – for now at least – that no changes are to be applied to the rear exterior of the car. Details of the registration are also indicative of the 503 BHP we have grown attached to is set to either be improved upon or remain steadfast in the new model.

Following on from last years tweaks to the Range Rover engine, resulting in greater overall efficiency, we can ascertain that we can expect similar scale refinements this year, only applied to the exterior as opposed to the interior.

Whatever further enhancements Range Rover have hiding up their sleeves, Signature Car Hire is eager to set their eyes on the Facelifted model. Range Rover are certainly one of our most commonly hired cars in London, and rightly so – they provide a presence on the road incomparable to the majority of other SUV’s, combined with an all-encompassing touch of class, elegance, and not to be forgotten, power behind the wheel.

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