Range Rover to Produce a £200,000 Model

range-roverAutoExpress have revealed exclusive news that Range Rover are planning to produce a £200,000 model to take on challenges from the likes of Rolls Royce and Bentley.

This is perhaps unsurprising to those who have seen the fearsome Bentley Bentagya, the marque’s new SUV that sets a new bar in luxury off-road vehicles. This is seriously encroaching on Range Rover’s turf, and it’s exciting to see what might emerge as retaliation.

AutoExpress grabbed an exclusive interview with the managing director of Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations, who told them:

“I’ve never been worried about the Bentley threat – I have always thought it brings an opportunity to grow the segment. It recognises we have created a segment and it is flattery that Bentley and Rolls-Royce soon want to join in. If you look at what we have done to Range Rover over the last five years, we have stretched the breadth of the product, the commercial footprint. Five years ago we knew we could stretch it, but I am not sure we knew how far and we have surpassed our expectations. So I think it could stretch a bit further.”

range-rover-sideThese statements have led to speculation that they will create an ‘ultimate Range Rover’, which would have a potential price tag of around £200,000. This car will offer bespoke exterior paintwork and interior design, as well as other unique personalisation options.

Refreshingly, however, Range Rover are not simply chasing the ultra luxury market, but are also refusing to leave their core strengths behind.

“The strength of the Range Rover is that you can still get a £75,000 entry car and I don’t think we want to leave that behind”, Edwards told AutoExpress.

The new ‘ultimate’ Range Rover may be available as soon as next year – watch this space. Meanwhile, check out our impressive fleet of Range Rover hire cars.