Reap the Benefits of the Signature Staff Incentive Scheme

All successful businesses inevitably run on a similar ethos – that is, look after your employees, and they will look after the business. Indeed, an unhappy team will never contribute to the success of your empire. Why risk jeopardising any element of achievement through the neglect of your staff? It is sensible and wise to invest time, energy and monetary value in each and every one of your employees; the more invested in them, the more likely your business is to reach the pinnacle of its potential.

Signature Car Hire accommodates this principle in a spectacular way; we run a Signature Staff Incentive Scheme, in which our team can create either a bespoke 12-month package for you or a one-off special event for your valued employees. Whatever you have in mind, we can accommodate a superb incentive scheme to reward and motivate your teams in the best way we know how – an unforgettable supercar incentive.

Perhaps the temptation of a supercar for the weekend will be enough to get your top performer to take his/her results to the next level, or push your average staff member to the point of excellence? We have seen that such an incentive has proven highly sought after, and the thought of a firsthand look at our Car Hire Fleet in itself is enough to get one drooling. The choice consists of an impressive range of performance supercars from some of the top marques in the world including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Aston Martin, all selected for their supercar desirability, top specifications, and high-performance statistics. Who wouldn’t be itching for the chance to take the likes of our Ferrari 458 Spider home to the family, or get behind the wheel of the exhilaratingly powerful Lamborghini Aventador?

Alternatively, a VIP tour of our Experience Centre followed by a supercar photoshoot could be an event to get every one of your staff’s senses tingling – just imagine being surrounded by many of the world’s most prestigious cars – most certainly a team build to remember.

Moreover, the Signature Staff Incentive Scheme provides a major cornerstone to attribute a fantastic reputation for your company – one which attests to your integrity in providing memorable and rewarding experiences for your team, thus making hard work worth completing within the walls of your company. Furthermore, a Signature supercar incentive will surely form striking social media coverage, which will undoubtedly be noticed across all social media platforms alike.

Most importantly, the Signature Staff Incentive Scheme can form a bespoke package created especially for your team, in order to successfully build a rewarding event your team members will truly appreciate and benefit from. Team-building activities such as this purposefully promote improved efficiency, more positive working relationships and increased results. Our Signature Staff Incentive Scheme is no different whatsoever; we strongly encourage you to make time to discuss the options with our dedicated team and Make your Marque among your staff.