Rolls Royce Shows Off the Alpine Ghost

The Ghost gets an icy makeover with this alpine look that Rolls-Royce has shown off.  The story behind this winter Ghost goes back to over 100 years where there were Alpine Trials in which 4 Silver Ghosts ascended into the Alps. Rolls Royce wanted to remember this fun period for the company. The company has decided to release the Alpine Ghost at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The most striking thing about the Alpine Ghost is the shade of blue that was chosen for the body of the Ghost. It grabs the attention of everyone’s eyes from the bonnet to the rear of the car. Blue is a colour that is not chosen by accident – blue is a key colour for the alpine colour palette because of its link to skiing and winter sports. The black grille of the Ghost contrasts with the blue exterior to completely grab the attention of anyone that sees it go by. The choice of blue could also be seen as a ploy to attract buyers and customers from emerging markets such as China which also explain why the car was being revealed in Shanghai.

The interior details of this Alpine Ghost are just as eye-watering: there are inlaid rear picnic tables and the trademark wood veneers. The company has decided to do a new version of this famous event on the 14 June where a 40 car motorcade procession will travel through the stunning mountain landscape of Slovenia, Italy and Austria to name a few.

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Take a look at our Rolls Royce Ghost Official film to get a real feel for this luxury.