Say Hello to Our New Car Detailing Service

Due to popular demand we have introduced a brand new service to Signature. We have long offered a valet service to our clients, but this is now so popular, and the requests are so specialised, that we have decided to make an extra investment to ensure we can continue to exceed the expectations of our clients.


We now have a devoted detailing team who are on hand to offer a full range of specialist services, all delivered to your exact specifications. This service builds on the extensive expertise we have in maintaining supercars and luxury vehicles, and if you’ve ever hired a Signature car you’ll know how thorough we can be! We guarantee that every car that comes to our detailing team will leave Signature HQ looking just as good as any vehicle in our fleet.

before and after leather

Our detailing team offers a variety of packages to suit all needs, and our service is open to all: whether you are a car enthusiast, dealership, business fleet owner or auction house. Our packages start from just £55, and encompass everything you might need to take very good care of your car. Even at the lowest end of the scale you get the highest quality cleaning products and processes that are guaranteed to leave you with first-class detailing without any damage to your paintwork. Many lower quality services use methods which cause defects in your car’s paint, but at Signature our love of cars prohibits us from using anything that won’t leave your car looking spectacular – even through a microscope.

diamond-alloys-valet-service-624x468The jewel in the crown of our new detailing service is the Signature Detail, which takes our team at least two days of labour and combines exterior, interior and engine detailing. This incredibly thorough package is designed to take your car and truly transform it aesthetically, giving it a better then new finish.

Starting with a detailed analysis of your car’s current state, this package goes far beyond paint corrections and ensures that your car is protected as well as polished to a high shine. Using state of the art machines, the best paint compounds available on the market and our expert detailers, we guarantee a fantastic result. In addition, our protective coatings to both the paint and the carpets mean that you’re also given a fighting chance should accidents occur inside or out.

Check out all our services by viewing our Detailing services brochure Signature Car Detailing Service PDF

To learn more about any of our detailing services, whether that’s for one cherished car or an entire fleet, please email us at