Scheherazade meets Rolls Royce

101Rolls Royce are working on their ‘1001 Nights Collection’, which uses inspiration from the famous tales to produce cars destined for the lucrative Middle-Eastern market.

Using hand-painted designs that are reminiscent of classical Arabian caligraphy, Rolls Royce will be decorating the cars with subtle markers at key points on the exterior and interior, including beautiful country-specific motifs that will adorn each dashboard. The five countries represented will be Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. By the look of the preview video, special fabrics and colours – including ‘desert sunset’ and ‘desert sunrise’ will also be available.

Few extra details of the new range have been released at this stage, but commentators expect the designs to be available on both the Phantom and Ghost models. To find out more, view the video online, or stay tuned for future details on our blog.