See The Ingredients For New R8 Come Alive

A beautiful spring day at the Nurburgring shows how Audi breathed life into their updated R8.  This video captures the essence of their latest supercar.

For a great view of what it takes to be the Audi 2013 Model Year R8, a fabulous new video has been published online. “Blink and you’ll miss it’ is the warning with which to approach the opening scene”.

“A timeless sports car like the R8 does not need changes, it needs to be optimised” opens Stephan Reill, Head of Development at quattro GmbH.  The remainder of the video shows us just how Audi have achieved this in seamless style.   The car benefits from a completely-new double clutch gearbox.  In the video, Audi showcase how this DCT has been designed for a mid-engined layout.  They also proudly show off how it contributes to the R8’s no-compromise acceleration around the legendary German forest and field track.  Every inch of the straights, bends, and banks is used.  Reill adds that it is felt that one kilometre on this renowned track is equal to 15-18 kilometres on the road.  Over nine miles in just one lap leads him to, justly conclude that “you just need one lap and you really know” the truth about the dynamism of their latest creation.

Acceleration from 0-62 mph is achieved in 3.6, according to Dr Jürgen Königstedt, Audi AG’s Head of V8 and V10 Development.  “For a super sports car, the engine is the heart, it is very important” he states

Under the title of Audi Ultra, we see the ASF, or Aluminium Audi Space Frame, being put in position for building another of these new road rockets.  What is truly astronomical though is what Stefan Reich, R8 Production Operations Management at Audi AG discloses.  It weighs just 210 kg, or 463 lbs.

It is not just the performance of the amazing power-to-weight ratio that is demonstrated in this video.  We are also taken behind the scenes of just what German quality stands for in the composition of these cars.  Every RS and R8 model by Quattro GmbH has to run a durability test of 8000 kilometres, or 4970 miles, around Nurburgring.  The quality circles that are built into the car’s manufacture are also divulged by Reich.  The last step of the quality control is real-life testing on the famous Autobahn of Germany.  This means that every R8 driver will truly feel the thrill of the engine which sits behind their head.

To mirror this excitement, a self-drive hire of our Audi R8 V8 in silver is the sort of thing to make you feel part of the racing elite.  With enough substance for the track and enough style for the open road, this is a supercar you can feel thanks to a short-term hire excursion. As Reill said, this is not a car that needs any changes; it is great to drive just as it is.  An Ice Silver skin hides a car just waiting to be released to all your senses.  See the exterior, revel in the interior, and feel the power and performance.

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