Signature Car Hire and the Right Music – All You Need to Keep Road Rage at Bay


All of the team here at Signature Car Hire, as well as most of those with whom we interact with on a day-to-day basis, has a very real and very raw passion for driving – as we are sure you do too.

Unfortunately, though, as we are all aware, the roads are not always the most relaxing or satisfying places to be. We all have not-so-distant memories of stressful driving experiences, and the negativity that can be associated behind the wheel of a car is demonstrative almost daily. British roads are particularly renowned for road rage.

New research today has revealed details as to which motoring habits truly accelerate drivers over the edge, along with tips and methods in staying calm and composed when driving. Let us explore these, and work towards maintaining the joy that should be felt each and every time we drive.

At the top of the list of British drivers motoring maddening factors was slow drivers; in addition to getting stuck behind a car being driven at a speed significantly under the speed limit, traffic jams, road works, and others pulling in and out of the wrong lane also stood out as major contributors to a stressful drive. Bad weather, cyclists and the stress of squeezing into a small space formed other lesser – but still intense – encounters on the roads.

Of course, high tension behind the wheel is most certainly not an encouraging scenario; the more stressed the driver has become, the higher the risk of susceptibility to road rage and therefore a higher chance of meeting an accident. Thus, it is important to make every effort to keep road rage at bay.

How can this be achieved?
Interestingly, over half of Britons believe the quality of the car they are driving has an impact on their emotional state of mind while taking control of the pedals. Indeed, the car you drive truly makes the biggest difference toy our temperament, safety, and experience! What better excuse could there be than this, then, to utilise Signature Car Hire’s premiere self-drive car hire service? Drive in one of our Signature Marques, and minimise your stress behind the wheel forever more. Rejuvenate your exhilaration for the drive; feel and enjoy every moment on the road once again through one of the vehicles parked within our luxury Car Hire Fleet. Whether you require an Everyday Car Hire option to take care of daily drives, or a supercar from our Performance Car Hire Fleet is more up your street, Signature Car Hire and our dedicated service team are ever-ready to cater to your needs.

In the research in question, the Audi A4 actually tipped the balance and accelerated itself into the lead in forming one of the most relaxing cars to drive. If your feelings are mutual, our Audi Car Hire Fleet is most certainly one to become acquainted with; it is completed by the Audi A5 Sportback, the Audi Q5, the Audi TT Coupé and the fantastically powerful Audi R8 V10 Plus Coupé, all maintained to the highest of standards and specified with the top of the range packages, leaving nothing to be desired on your drive.

Make your Marque and minimise your road rage with Signature Car Hire.