Signature Car Hire Awakens to the Arrival of our New Rolls-Royce Dawn


Signature Car Hire has awoken to a new addition to the Rolls-Royce ranks this week, just in time for the glorious weather – our brand new, beautifully crafted drophead Rolls-Royce Dawn. Welcome to the Fleet Family!

Rolls-Royce says the name symbolises the beginning of a new era for the company. Indeed, new Rolls-Royce models do not appear often, thus introducing the special Rolls-Royce Dawn to our Car Hire Fleet was a must for Signature Car Hire.

Since our test drive of the new Rolls-Royce Dawn, rumours have evaporated that the car is simply a Wraith with the roof off. In fact, 80% of the body panels are entirely unique, the tyres are bespoke, and the sporty drive performance is most certainly distinguishable. Satellite aided transmission software ensures the Dawn’s engine and eight-speed ZF gearbox are consistently performing at optimum revs, leaving nothing to be desired on the road. One of our favourite features of the Dawn is the magnificent thin-rimmed steering wheel, designed to drive, not with your palms, but just touches of your fingertips.


In a league of its own where drive combined with style comes into question, the Rolls-Royce Dawn has most certainly been worth the wait; the 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 provides all of the oomph you could wish for from the moment the key turns, while four-seat interior oozes absolute luxury from every pore of leather. You will marvel at the way the car is able to deliver 563 BHP while maintaining the smoothest of drives and premium sophistication. Naturally, the Dawn is quiet; when cruising, the powerful engine controls its noise output to barely more than a hum, while the drophead roof is silent when in motion up to 22 MPH – reminiscent, Rolls-Royce say, of a ballerina performing ballet. Accelerate, though, and the engine will output a brief reminder that it is ever present and ready to Roll(s). In just five seconds, the Dawn can transport you from 0-62 MPH – it just does not shout about it.

The back seats are noteworthy, too. We mentioned that Rolls-Royce had not compromised on a thing when manufacturing the Dawn, did we not? The rear bench is fully capable of comfortably seating a tall person, should it be necessary, as well as offering a generous backrest angle rarely seen in a convertible. The rear windscreen is designed as a small feature to increase the feeling of intimacy in the back while the boot has maintained a larger size, big enough to carry two medium size suitcases – despite the roof.

According to Rolls-Royce Director of Design, Giles Taylor, the aim was never just to design a beautiful motorcar, but instead, to envision one that made the occupants look like rock stars. Do not miss the opportunity to experience such a thing in the long-awaited Rolls-Royce Dawn – visit our London Experience Centre and revel in its glory. Make your Marque with Signature Car Hire.