Signature Car Hire Ensure Your Self-Drive Experience Surpasses All Expectations

signature-car-hire-self-drive-2Here at Signature Car Hire, we are proud to live up to our name, and provide the ultimate, Signature service in each and every aspect of our offerings.

When it comes to self-drive hire, we understand what a highly-anticipated and important experience our clients invest in when choosing to rent one of our luxury marques; expectations are high, and we consistently do all within our power to maintain the highest of standards and thus, we do not just meet expectation, but we aim to surpass it. We do not just rely on our extensive range of luxury car models to provide you with the ultimate driving tale to tell – while they do form the most extensive, highly-specified car hire fleets in London – we understand a self-drive hire is even more than the drive itself.

Our whole Car Hire fleet, from our Fiat 500 Abarth to our Lamborghini Aventador SV, is owned and looked after by us, and us alone. All marques receive weekly TLC from our detailing team, undergoing full valets and safety checks regularly; no model is left out, and each car, be it part of our Everyday Car Hire fleet or our Performance Car Hire fleet, is treated with the utmost care, importance and integrity.

When it comes to our customer satisfaction, well, again, we take full responsibility for that – you will only ever deal with members of our own team, on our London site or on location, and will receive the same consistently high level of service from start to finish. We do not deal with middlemen here at Signature Car Hire – our clients are far too important to us, to put them at risk of reducing the level of customer service through a third party. Only Signature service will suffice.

Fleet Manager Rob McAllister and Fleet Assistant Tim Page personally check and ensure that each and every marque is maintained to a level that justifies their worth; they also take care to make sure that all customers are absolutely knowledgeable and comfortable before embarking on their self-drive car hire journey, taking all necessary time to explain each feature of your car of choice – we would not want you to miss a trick!

Our passion for providing Signature service has not gone unnoticed; one valued customer took the time to thank us through a letter, and wrote:

“Can I also say the service I have received both from you and Tim the Fleet Manager has been exemplary. Tim was available for me all weekend as he promised. I even texted him at 5:15am this morning to give him my ETA for drop off in LONDON and got a text back almost immediately.”

Such brilliant hosting is our trademark here at Signature Car Hire, and thus an aspect of your own self-drive hire you can guarantee will be present, along with a luxury car kept to the highest possible levels of maintenance.

All our team, take pure delight and pleasure in providing you the platform to get behind the wheel of some of the world’s most exhilarating rides; even though these beautifully powerful cars are parked in our own showroom, we never tire of getting just as excited as you when we hear those engines growl…you know just what we mean, and if you don’t, then make sure you travel to us and soak up your very own Signature self-drive hire experience. Come on down, and Make your Marque with Signature Car Hire.